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Dental caries is highly prevalent and a significant public health problem among children throughout the world. Alkharj Governorate is situated in the middle area of Saudi Arabia. The majority of people are Saudi. Despite the availability of highly effective measures for primary prevention, dental caries remains one of the most common childhood chronic diseases. In Alkharj region, there have been no studies undertaken to determine the prevalence of dental caries in permanent teeth (DMFT) and the prevalence of fissure sealant applied on the first permanent molars.


The first objective of this study was to record the decay, missing, filling (DMFT) of first permanent molars among first and second grade students (6–7-years-old) in primary male schools in Alkharj Governate. Second is to determine the prevalence of fissure sealants among 6-7 -years- old school children in AlKharj governorate. The third aim is to see the oral dental health knowledge among primary school children.

Oral Health and Knowledge of Primary School Teachers in AlKharj City Othman Mahmoud Othman Yassin Al-Ajlouni

Teacher is the keystone of  the arch of  dental health education.  School teachers have traditionally been considered as potentially important primary agents of social activities, with a capability of influencing the future knowledge, attitude and behaviour of school children. Teachers form a group of special interest in the planning and implementation of oral health preventive programs as they have the advantage  of getting trained and have the opportunity to influence large numbers of children and their parents. Teachers shape the future of the country and prepare the young generation for facing life and they cannot help in imparting proper information to students, if they themselves remain misinformed. Thus the school teachers need to be made apt for the task in terms of improving and upgrading their deficient knowledge on oral health and relative usefulness of the various measures required in preventing oral health problems.

Clinical and radiographic comparative study of single implant placement between smokers and non-smokers. zaid al jeaidi, egyptian dental journal Vol. 59.3561:3567, october, 2013 زيد عبدالعزيز الجعيدي

To compare three clinical variables and one radiographic variable of single tooth implant placement between smokers and non-smokers

Posters فواز سعيد القحطاني

2010        “Management of severely atrophic mandible”, 40th Annual Session, American College of Prosthodontists, Orlando, FL, November 1-3

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2012      “Different designs for maxillary implant supported overdenture”, Annual Session, Academy of Osseoin-tegration, Phenix, AZ,

2013     “3 Year Follow Up of an Immediate Implant Placed in Infected Area: Novel Approach for the Harvesting Autogenous Symphysis Graft. Alqahtani F, Al-Ardah AJ, Lozada JL”, Annual Session, American Acedemy Of Implant Dentistry, Phenix, AZ,

Peer Reviewed Publications فواز سعيد القحطاني

1. Prevelance of Nickel Hypersensitivity Among Saudi Dental Patients in The Riyadh Area: a preliminary study. Al Qahtani et al Rev. de Clin. Pesq. Odontol.; Vol. 3, No. 3, 2007.

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4- Post-fatigue Fracture Resistance of Modified Prefabricated Zirconia Implant Abutments. Alqahtani F, Flinton R. JPD (accepted article)

5. Single Tray Impression Technique for Implant-Supported Overdentures. Alqahtani F. JOI (accepted article)

6. Verification jig technique for implant prostheses using a nanofilled composite resin. Alqahtani F, Goodacre C. JOI (In process)

Undergraduate Implant Dentistry Education Among Saudi Universities حسان محمد الخرعان

Undergraduate Implant Dentistry Education Among Saudi Universities

The Influence Of Functional Head Postures On The Dynamic Occlusal Parameters عبدالله سعد القحطاني
Factors affecting patients' selection of dentists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia خالد مسفر الزهراني

Purpose:    This study was conducted to determine factors affecting patients' decision on selecting a dentist in selected sample of patients in Saudi Arabia. Materials and Methods: A self-administrated questionnaires were distributed to a sample of store-shoppers in four different locations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Demographic factors such as participants’ age, gender, education, and income and factors that may affect patients’ decision of selecting healthcare provider were collected. Data entry and statistical analysis were performed using SPSS version 16.  Results:  Of 500 questionnaires distributed, 360 were returned and used for assessment and analysis (response rate=72%). About two thirds of respondents indicated that their preference is to go to private practice. More than two thirds of respondents reported that they do not have dental insurance. The factors that were considered by at least 50% of respondents to be important in the process of selecting a dentist were dentist’s experience (89.8%), dentist’s qualification (77.5%),  availability of appointments (76.3%), friends’ opinion about the dentist or the practice (66.0%), cost of the service (64.1%), waiting time before getting into the clinic (61.8%), availability of all specialties in the clinic (61.4%), availability of the dentist in case of emergency late at night (58.6%), dentist speaking Arabic (58.0%), dentist with extended working hours at night (53.4%), dentist appearance (52.0%), proximity of the clinic to subject’s home (51.1%). Conclusions: Findings of this study suggest that sampled subjects in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia considered dentist’s experience and qualifications to be the most important factors in selection of dentists. This observation...

Applications of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Dental Practice: A Literature Review هادي محمد العامري

Published: 2012 Sep;60(5):390-400

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